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Code Blue
Coach Dennis Robison

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QB Tom Brady @ Carolina Panthers
Trent Green (Probable) @ Seattle Seahawks
Jake Plummer @ Washington Redskins
RB Shaun Alexander vs. Kansas City Chiefs
Travis Henry (Questionable) @ Miami Dolphins
Michael Pittman @ Washington Redskins
Antowain Smith (Probable) @ Carolina Panthers
WR Oronde Gadsden (Questionable) vs. Buffalo Bills
Rod Gardner vs. Arizona Cardinals
Kevin Johnson @ Pittsburgh Steelers
Bill Schroeder @ New York Giants
James Thrash (Doubtful) @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Hines Ward (Probable) vs. Cleveland Browns
TE Marcus Pollard vs. Denver Broncos
K Wade Richey - BYE
Def Tennessee Defense vs. Cincinnati Bengals

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