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Inland Empire Fantasy Football League

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Week 17


11:12 PM
Scores and Standings

OK the IEFFL 2001-2002 season is over and I prevailed as Champion. Kevin ended the year in 2nd place and Darryl in 3rd place. Thanks for a very competitive season everyone.
DogHouse 31 RAC 28
G House 27 7up 25

2001 Playoff Standings
  Rec Pts
  W L For
ChampDogHouse 2 0 74
2nd Pl RAC 1 1 64
3rd Pl G House 1 1 58
7up 0 2 60
KC Macks 0 0 0
Code Brown 0 0 0
Beach Bully 0 0 0
Highgrove United 0 0 0
Code Blue 0 0 0
Remraf 0 0 0

Next Week's Fantasy Schedule

Week #17 NFL Schedule
Green Bay Packers at New York Giants Sunday 10:00am
San Francisco 49ers at New Orleans Saints Sunday 10:00am
Arizona Cardinals at Washington Redskins Sunday 10:00am
Dallas Cowboys at Detroit Lions Sunday 10:00am
New England Patriots at Carolina Panthers Sunday 10:00am
Denver Broncos at Indianapolis Colts Sunday 10:00am
Cincinnati Bengals at Tennessee Titans Sunday 10:00am
Jacksonville Jaguars at Chicago Bears Sunday 10:00am
Cleveland Browns at Pittsburgh Steelers Sunday 10:00am
Atlanta Falcons at St. Louis Rams Sunday 1:05pm
New York Jets at Oakland Raiders Sunday 1:15pm
Kansas City Chiefs at Seattle Seahawks Sunday 1:15pm
Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins Sunday 1:15pm
Philadelphia Eagles at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday 5:30pm
Minnesota Vikings at Baltimore Ravens Monday 6:00pm
Bye Teams
San Diego Chargers        

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