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Inland Empire Fantasy Football League

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Week 16


06:24 AM
Scores and Standings

Ok the semifinals are over and Kevin squeaked out a win over Jeff to have the right to play for the championship against me where I was able to beat out Darryl. So now it will be Kevin and I for the 1st and 2nd and Jeff and Darryl for 3rd and 4th. The winner of Darryl and Jeff matchup will be the 3rd place winner. Good Luck!!! Read your email when you get a chance the payoff of the kitty will be in great detail.
RAC 36 7up 35
DogHouse 43 G House 31

2001 Week #16 Standings
  Rec Pts
  W L For
3rd Pl Gme7up 10 5 549
Chp.GmeDogHouse 10 5 536
3rd Pl GmeG House 10 5 468
Chp GmeRAC 9 6 463
KC Macks 8 7 494
Highgrove United 7 8 394
Remraf 6 9 436
Code Brown 5 10 458
Code Blue 5 10 385
Beach Bully 5 10 358

2001 Playoff Standings
  Rec Pts
  W L For
Chp.GmeDogHouse 1 0 43
Chp GmeRAC 1 0 36
3rd Pl Gme7up 0 1 35
3rd Pl GmeG House 0 1 31
KC Macks 0 0 0
Code Brown 0 0 0
Beach Bully 0 0 0
Highgrove United 0 0 0
Code Blue 0 0 0
Remraf 0 0 0

Next Week's Fantasy Schedule
6. RAC at 1. DogHouse
4. G House at 5. 7up

Week #16 NFL Schedule
Baltimore Ravens at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Saturday 6:00pm
Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions Sunday 10:00am
San Francisco 49ers at Dallas Cowboys Sunday 10:00am
Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Sunday 10:00am
Minnesota Vikings at Green Bay Packers Sunday 10:00am
Atlanta Falcons at Miami Dolphins Sunday 10:00am
Cleveland Browns at Tennessee Titans Sunday 10:00am
Indianapolis Colts at St. Louis Rams Sunday 10:00am
Pittsburgh Steelers at Cincinnati Bengals Sunday 10:00am
Buffalo Bills at New York Jets Sunday 10:00am
Kansas City Chiefs at Jacksonville Jaguars Sunday 10:00am
New York Giants at Philadelphia Eagles Sunday 1:05pm
Oakland Raiders at Denver Broncos Sunday 1:15pm
Seattle Seahawks at San Diego Chargers Sunday 1:15pm
Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints Sunday 5:30pm
Bye Teams
New England Patriots        

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